Selasa, Juni 10, 2008

Acoustic Ambient Experience - The Best Of Rock 1990-2000

01. Light Years (Gossard,Mc Cready,Vedder-Pearl Jam)
02. Black Hole Soul (Chris Cornell-Stone Temple Pilot)
03. Come As You Are (Kurt Cobain-Nirvana)
04. November Rain (Axl Rose-Guns & Roses)
05. Would ? (Jerry Cantrell)
06. How You Remind Me (Nickelback)
07. Outside (Aaron Lewis-Staind)
08. With Arms Wide Open (Stapp,Tremonti-Creed)
09. Otherside (Flea,Frusciante,Kiedis,Smith-Red Hot Chili Peppers)
10. Like A Stone (Audioslave)
11. Best Of You (Foo Fighters)
12. Nothing Else Matters (Hetfield,Ulrich-Metallica)
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