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PEARL JAM NITE IV - Saturday Dec 13, 2008

Pearl Jam Indonesia proudly presents :

Saturday December 13, 2008
From 20.00 - 23.00 Hrs
At LOBBY CAFE, Wisma Relasi
Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat
FDC Rp 50K

ALIEN SICK Feat. Nito Alv & Anda x-

Free jam session....everyone can participate ! !

Beer only IDR 18K / Bottle
Hot Drink only IDR 7K - 15K
Cold Drink and Coffee only IDR 10-15K
Food only IDR 15K - 30K usual, many door prize to give for rare collectible items
...rare t-shirt / dvd / cd for sale

This event is supported by:
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(tenclub_indonesia@ yahoogroups. com)
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In cooperation with :
LOBBY CAFE, 267 Records & Yamaha Relasi Music School